My business development coaching services are highly personalized. I work with clients in strict confidence, with the utmost candor, and provide the unique value of an objective, external sounding board.  I serve as a strategic advisor and confidant during the coaching engagement, providing ongoing support and counsel as my client addresses challenging situations in real time.  The process typically involves these steps shown.


▸ Pre-coaching questionnaire
▸ Preliminary assessment interview
▸ Value proposition development
▸ Research
▸ Development or update of business plan
▸ Social media strategy
▸ Semi-monthly coaching sessions




Oftentimes marketing/business development teams are short-staffed or not resourced enough to handle an ever-increasing workload. And while adding permanent headcount is not always an option, a temporary resource could be a viable means of accomplishing both short- and long-term goals. As an outsourced team member, I provide access to experienced marketing/business development talent and resources. With minimal training/onboarding, I hit the ground running and have immediate impact for my clients. Outsourced team member services could include any of the items shown here.


▸ Business plan development
▸ Collateral/practice description development
▸ Event planning/management
▸ Pitch and proposal response
▸ Strategic planning for practices and groups
▸ Awards submissions




I offer presentations and training on topics related to business development. Programs are tailored to the needs of the organization. Sample topics include: 


▸ Developing effective business plans
▸ Pitches and proposals that win
▸ Turning relationships into business
▸ Effective strategic planning and budgeting
▸ Networking skills
▸ Maximizing social media presence




▸ Individual business development coaching
▸ Business development team coaching
▸ Tailored business development training for:
new partners, women and minority lawyers

▸ Lateral integration ▸ Career coaching for marketing and business development professionals
▸ Everything DiSC assessments and team training

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